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The members of the Association are actively engaged in officiating at various levels including high school and college.  Each member has undergone both classroom and on the field training.  Each crew is supervised by an experienced and knowledgable referee.
ALL MEMBERS ARE REMINDED.  Pursuant to Article 4 of the SFFOA By-Laws, all memberships expire June 30th.  Members not in good standing on August 1st will not see their name listed on the Staff Page until registration and payment is complete.

Board of Directors

Gerardo "Jerry" Gomez
Dongray "DJ" Johnson
Roberto "Bob" Morales
John Brandow
Alex Barinaga
Glyn Bradley
Gabriel "Gaby" Quintana
Noel Rego

Special Consultants and Mentors

The SFFOA would like to recognize two officiating leaders whose careers demonstrate their love of officiating and who have been kind enough to offer their experience, wisdom and training materials when called upon.


Bill Lemonnier - Retired Big 10 Referee and USA Football Officiating Director - Special Consultant


Mike Pereira - FOX Analyst and Former NFL Vice President of Officiating - Special Consultant

Honorary Members

The SFFOA also thinks it is important to recognize former members who have progressed in their careers beyond the high school level and laid the foundation upon which the SFFOA was built.

Alberto Riveron - National Football League
Virgil Valdes (Ret) - Atlantic Coast Conf.
Greg Brenner - American Athletic Conf.
Elmo Gary (Ret) - Atlantic Coast Conference
Carlos Guzman - Mountain West, Conf. USA and American
Heriberto Bonet - Atlantic Coast Conference
Henry Perez (Ret) - W. Virginia Athletic Conf.
Wayne Rundell - Atlantic Coast Conference
Todd LaPenta (Ret) - American Athletic Conf.


August 31, 2019

William Abrams
Glenn Adams
Vernon Adams
Francisco Aguero
Jorge Aguingalde
Charles Allen
Francisco Almaguer
Kevin Archilla-Perez
Ariel Ballate
Orlando Ballate
Alex Barinaga
Jorge Barreto
Mauro Bermudez
James Bodie
Dexter Bolden Sr
Dexter Bolden Jr
Deon Bostic
Glyn Bradley
Emma Brandow
John Brandow
Jaime Brown
Gerry Burnett
Natavis Capers
Felix Cardero
Larry Casher
Antonio Castano
Ricardo Charles
Tony Clark
Sam Colon
Jimmy Colson
Eric Cvelbar
David Davis
Christopher De Ara
Tim Dennis
Jose Diaz
Terry Doctor
Chanae Early
Raul Esqueff
Carlos Estevez
Benjamin Ferreiro
Wanda Fort
Noel Franco
Ronald Franks
Davern Frazier
Tracy Glass
Matt Goddard
Jeffrey Godfrey
Gerardo Gomez
Kenneth Graham
Douglas Grant
Gregory Grate
Aaron Hamm
Avery Hannah
Demetrius Harrington
Herman Hemingway
Lloyd Hinkson (LOA)
Zachary Horne
Reaudrey Hurst
Anthony Jimeno
Juan Jimeno
Kory Johnson Sr
Dongray Johnson
Ronel Joseph
Robert Kaupp
Andrew Kiegans (LOA)
Bruce Kelly
Brian King
Joe Kubit
Jennifer Largaespada
Akevis Lewis
Gary Littlejohn
Lazaro Lopez
Craig Martin
Andre Martinez
David Martinez
Joseph Medina
Enrique Melo
Lazaro Mezquia
Mark Mills
Dontreal Mintze
Mario Miro
Serena Montano
Anthony Montgomery
Charles Moore
Joseph Morales
Roberto Morales
Soren Morales
Christopher Navarro
Emilio Navarro
Frederick Nixon
Lorenzo Padron
Marion Parnell Jr
Mathew Philpot
Jean Pierre Petit-Freire
Xavier Presley
Clemente Quinones
Gabriel Quintana
Charles Rackley
Brenden Rego
Noel Rego
Bobby Richardson
Mario Roberts
Ariel Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez
Christopher Rojas
Alten Russell
Yurier Sanz
Tomas Sardina
Marcos Sendon
Zion Sinclair
Jeremy Sinki
Allan Small
Andre Smith
Nick Sobalvarro
Aramis Soto
Louis Sparks
Luis Striker
Jose Suarez
Patricia Suarez
John Sullivan
Luis Tejeda
Jayvion Timmons
Louis Trastoy
Charlie Tyson
Joseph Underwood
Jose Urbano
Felix valdes
Solomon Vanterpool
Sheldon Vickers
Brian Visney
Kevin Vivanco
Larry Walker
Coley Wallace Sr
Coley Wallace Jr
Jimmie Weathers
Delvin Williams
John Wood
Juan Yero

Glen Johnson, Stanley Tyson, Jerry Gomez, D.J. and Bob Morales get some work in before Disney

Bob Morales trails as Miami Gardens player tries to make the corner

From L to R. Mike Gilliam, Sr., Mark Mills, Anthony Jenkins, Manny Lawrence and Anthony Siplin

Stanley Tyson watches as Pahokee receiver tries to make the catch

L to R. J Brandow, A Gonzalez, A Cruz, J De Armas, C Valdes and C Calveiro before Pop Warner Bowl

Pahokee runner breaks free as Dongray Johnson covers his keys.

L to R. R. Montanez, A Cruz, B Gary, M Holloman, J Brandow, A Gardner, DJ, E Boyd & A Gonzalez (Ctr)

First and ten, or is it 15? Enie Hernandez, Carlos Calveiro and Ozzie Gomez strike a pose

Flea, Albert, Bob, and Izzy on a typical Saturday

Dannon! We do more than FOOTBALL????